Arches National Park

A beautiful hidden treasure of Utah, this national park has won numerous awards for it’s beauty.

Can you guess which park I’m talking about? If you guessed Arches National Park then you’re correct!

Arches National Park has a beautiful landscape and color scheme that is incredibly unique and it attracts many visitors over the course of the year. What’s really cool is they have installed web cameras so that anyone can login and enjoy the view from home. I think this is an incredible feature and it has peaked my interest. I highly suggest if you have the time that you drive up to Arches National Park and enjoy on of Utah’s hidden treasures.


Keys Camping

I live in Florida right now and it is absolutely beautiful! From the beautiful sunsets and rises to all the key limes you can eat! Living in the Florida Keys is amazing!

Camping down here in the keys is full of surprises. This week I took my kayak and 3 fishing pools, a cooler and a lighter and set out to explore the wild islands of the Florida Keys.

Over the course of the 2 days I was out camping I noticed there were a lot more mosquitoes then previous months which means it must be summer. I used the small pieces of store bought shrimp and caught my dinner from the ocean. Talk about working my way through the food chain lol. I also started my own fire, built my own shelter out of palm tree branches and had many encounters with Florida’s apex predator: the bullshark.

It was all fun though as I was never in any danger at any point of this trip. In the end I had a great time camping in the islands in the Florida Keys.